In this video, I will show you How To Color Anime or Manga in Flat colors and Shading Tones with the brush tool. I am using PhotoShop as the digital painting program.

How To Color Anime Manga Flat and Shading Tones

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We are Illustrator Artists, that post How to Draw videos, How to Color and other Videos using the Watch and Learn as We Do approach.

Most of the videos are in silence, so that you can focus directly on the material. They are also at the correct time without using speed increase.

All art work processes recorded are actual works that have been sold commercially, so this is our profession.

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ほとんどのビデオは沈黙しているため、素材に直接集中できます。 彼らはまた、速度の増加を使用せずに正しい時刻にあります。



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